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                      ABOUT US
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                      Company profile

                      Ji`nan Create Casting Co.,Ltd., Zhang Qiuning town Ji'nan city is located in the "foundry town" reputation, adjacent to Jinan Qingdao, Shanghai, Beijing Fuzhou expressway. Company 300 kilometers away from Qingdao port, from the Ji'nan International Airport is only less than 30 km. The transportation is convenient, the geographical position is very superior.

                      The company was founded in 2013 April, covers an area of 60 acres. The first phase of construction covers an area of 30 acres, has built 2500 square meters of casting workshop, machining workshop and warehouse 10000 square meters, detection, office building 1500 square meters.

                      The company's main processing of aluminum alloy castings of manufacturing, the main production and testing equipment 100 sets, the annual production capacity of up to 1500 tons. The company products will be mainly for international clients, and can be widely used in many field of automobile, general machine, communication equipment, construction machinery etc..

                      Major equipment companies all use well-known brand products in the industry has a leading level of production equipment, which comprises: 1650 tons, 1250 tons, 800 tons, 650 tons, 400 tons, 180 tons of pressure casting machine, gravity casting machine, machining center, CNC lathe, pressure inspection machine, fully automatic cleaning and drying machine, drilling and blasting, tapping machine, high pressure casting production has achieved full process automation; testing equipment including: spectrum analyzer, three coordinate measuring instrument, X ray detector, universal testing machine, hardness tester, roughness tester and other domestic first-class testing equipment, instrument.

                      We will adhere to the "quality policy closely around the customer needs and continuously improve product quality", always put the customer demand as the focus, to continuously improve product quality as enterprise eternal pursuit.

                         Copyright: Ji'nan kairuite Casting Co. Ltd.